Intergroup dialogue “… represents a grassroots effort to meet one of the major challenges facing our democracy today: the lack of communication among diverse groups of people in schools … communities, and … workplace.  By forging lines of communication among different elements of society, [it] helps to create a more just, harmonious, and strong democracy.” (Hurtado & Schoem, 2001).  

Thanks to our on-going partnership with MCCJ, we supported a series of group dialogue opportunities open to the public during their Spring 2016 Intersectional Mornings initiative, where attendees took part in nuanced conversations about diversity and inclusion within the context of our local neighborhoods.  Then in June 2016 we collaborated with Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida and several other community groups to help create an interactive Town Hall with Liberty City residents, which accompanied the local NeighborWorks America Week 2016 events.  

The aforementioned dialogues were funded in part by the K880 Emerging City Champions fellowship, a program of 8 80 Cities with support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. To view picture albums from the different events we partnered up with, please scroll down. For further details, check out each album on our Facebook page.